Data Entry Services

With the world gaining technological momentum, data entry is one of the services most sought out for. At Infotech we offer both online as well as offline data entry services for all your outsourcing needs. Upholding the best quality standards we are global players open to business worldwide spread over UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Asia and Europe. The ergonomics of our process makes us one of the leading international players.

With the rapid advancement of the business world, outsourcing of clerical functions can be an enabler for growth and a stimulant for rapid and time bound achievement of goals. Here at our company we aim at being a resource for your enterprise to pilot an economic and high quality business process. With our efficient and trained personnel we guarantee a timely and unerring completion of services.

Data entry being the first stage of transmutation into digital format, it requires an accurate entry and an efficient grasp of the data set. We provide data entry services into multiple platforms and programmes as per your requirements and requests with an assurance of data integrity and confidentiality. Our clients satisfaction and confidence is our greatest goal and we assure you that the data entry services we provide to your organization will prove to be an asset.

Our methodology is based on efficient and effective completion of tasks while ensuring that the high standards and quality of work is achieved. Our benchmark sets the seal on excellence and makes us one of the top players in this field.

Our company provides a wide range of data entry services to a diverse clientele, helping them extract data from a variety of sources such as online applications, scanned images, applications, invoices, handwritten forms , questionnaires, etc. and entering the details manually into the client’s server, database or file format. By combining our rich experience and in-depth understanding with a focus on efficient processes, we deliver accurate information in relevant areas and ensure flawless production. Our data entry experts have experience capturing data from handwritten, printed or inscribed documents and can write details in a variety of formats.

In data entry services, our experts follow a double entry method to provide accurate, consistent and up-to-date information to global customers. Our quality assurance team also performs quality checks to ensure 100% accuracy. Data entry specialists work directly with you, which means you can communicate, collaborate and prioritize the work you deem appropriate. This employment relationship allows you to maintain full control over the data entry process and reduces processing times.

From financial documents and business reports to medical examinations , we specialize in offline data entry as well from a wide range of source documents and scanned images. Our data entry operators ensure that your data is entered quickly and accurately. We have extensive experience in providing a complete range of data entry services to various industry verticals and niches such as academics, market research and direct marketing companies, organizations for business purposes, Non-profit activities, real estate, law, health, tours and travel, etc. We meet the needs of customers around the world and help them create well-maintained and updated financial, business and customer registers.

No matter what type of data entry project we have, our team has the knowledge, skills and technology to help you achieve the results you want. We can use our system to help you or we can connect to yours for a hassle-free data entry process. Whichever way you choose to connect with us, you can easily know that we will create an approach to meet your specific data entry needs and ensure the proper and smooth functioning of your business.