In a dynamic and rapidly developing arena relating to management of solutions for information technology  on a global scale, our company has proven to be one of the market leaders. Our business is growing rapidly around the world and serves our customers worldwide to offer you the best solutions to the needs of your business systems.

We provide a number of services that range across a variety of functions like

  • Data entry
  • Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • Web research
  • Data analysis
  • Insurance and medical billing, logistics, image processing services and any other information technology requirements that your business might need outsourcing for.

As our customer, we attach great importance to your problems and objectives and focus on them and develop the solutions that best meet your needs in all areas of your company. We offer solid and efficient solutions for your business with a lasting effect.

We see ourselves as your long-term partner. As a partner, we ensure that your business needs are carefully assessed and we will determine the best methods for representing your company and developing a strong and effective solution that has a long lasting effect. In our company, we have a team of consultants, graphic designers, developers and programmers concerned with quality, who have the skills and experience to create effective solutions for your needs. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our quality service.

Our team is made up of highly qualified intellectual staff, most of whom have extensive experience working in various fields of information technology. Our leadership ensures that each individual excels at the specific tasks assigned by working closely together. Our team consists of people who have strong technical and analytical skills, great intelligence, a strong work ethic ,integrity, self-confidence, the ability to make decisions and above all a desire to excel in business, both in management,technology development and software.

Our focused, strong and innovative approach stems from the cumulative experience of our team members, and through their hands-on business experience combined with strong technology delivery capabilities. We can understand the client’s business needs, come up with IT and creative strategies that are in line with the business vision and implement the business plan by building or implementing high quality business solutions using the latest technologies.

Our data management services help you transform your data and also help you cut costs.We can help you create powerful illustrated tables, generate meaningful statistics related to data summaries, summarize information in smart formats and also help you face other challenges related to data processing.

As an established technology focused company, we pride ourselves on offering a varied suite of solutions including on / off-site services, custom software and web development, software testing and web applications . Our team consistently delivers leading edge solutions in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, Integrated IT Business Solutions, System Applications, Systems Development, Web Applications, and Communication & Management Services Network. With our technology Solutions, we guarantee fast, reliable and robust IT solutions that work.

We give a continued focus on meeting customer needs with simpler, more stylish and economical solutions and prompt customer service that has helped us establish and stay ahead of the market. We believe it is an honor to be an Indian company that develops software solutions for all your business needs. We have always led the market by offering innovative solutions to its customers. The young, talented and dynamic workforce is the strength of our company, which has helped it achieve its position.

At Infostarts, our focus lies on understanding our clients, which strengthens our confidence and echoes our attempt to provide guaranteed solutions. We strive to present quality services to all our outsourcing companies worldwide and as a team we are determined to make a mark in the IT sector!


Data entry services
Data Processing Services
Web Research Services
Data conversion services
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